Tactilis for iPad

Tactilis lets you use iPad for drawing the same way you would use pencil, paper and drafting tools. Work on small details without loosing the big picture, write in smaller print without zooming the entire page or drawing straight lines and circles with ruler and compass. Tactilis is a perfect app for quick hand-written notes, diagrams, figures, hand-drawn maps or just doodling.

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Drawing Details

Tactilis has innovative popover for drawing smaller details without losing the focus of entire drawing. Use the pinch gesture on the area you wish to magnify and a magnified popover will appear automatically. You can move the area inside the popover by using two fingers to adjust it. You can pinch again in the popover to increase or decrease the magnification. Tap outside the popover to dismiss it.

Straight Lines

Use the drafting tools button, or press and hold two fingers on the drawing to create a virtual ruler. Then just draw over the ruler with your finger. Tactilis adjusts your finger movement to draw in a straight line. You can move, rotate or resize the ruler using two fingers. Tap with two fingers on the ruler to snap to commonly used angles (0, 30, 45, 60, & 90 degrees). Dismiss the ruler by tapping once on the drafting tools button.


Use the drafting tools button, or use the rotate gesture two fingers on the drawing to create the circular-ruler. Draw over the ruler to draw arcs or complete circles. You can move or resize the ruler using two fingers. Dismiss the circular-ruler by tapping once on the drafting tools button. You can use the normal and circular rulers in the magnification popover. If you create the magnification popover on area near an existing ruler, the ruler is automatically transferred to the popover and re-adjusted to normal size.


Tap with two fingers on the iPad where you want to write with smaller text. A writing popover appears where you can write directly. You can adjust the writing area horizontally by scrolling on the scroller strip at the bottom. You can move ahead quickly in large steps by tapping on the scroller strip. Move to the beginning of next line by tapping on the tool clip to the right (just like you would press enter on a keyboard). You could rest your palm on the iPad while writing in the panel. Dismiss the panel by tapping in the area above the panel.


Enable the symmetry mode from the toolbar to pick either mirror symmetry or 2-fold to 6-fold rotational symmetry. Move the center line or center point by moving the symmetry control with two fingers. When you draw a shape, the other symmetrical shapes are automatically drawn on the page. You can use symmetry tools with the rulers to draw more precise shapes. You can use the rulers in symmetry mode for more precise symmetric shapes. You can also use the magnification popover, rulers and the symmetry mode together to get some very detailed precise symmetric patterns.




To know more about gestures and tools, download the tactilis quick help
For questions, problems, suggestions or comments, email me at support@tactilis.design